We're AlsterLabs.

Matiny.io, SceneContext.AI are being built and managed by AlsterLabs UG., a Hamburg, Germany based startup.
A proud member of NVIDIA inception program.


It's an open Lab, anyone with passion for design, building something that can solve a problem or make life better for someone or just want to smoke some great vision to save the world ;) (let's leave the Mars plans to Elon) - you're welcome to contribute here.

AlsterLabs, where we do research, design and build digital products and services. We've started this idea on the banks beatiful lake called Alster, in the centre of Europe's most greener and charming city called Hamburg, in the northern Germany. Join us if you have passion to build some awesome products.



heavy Contributor

His left brain is on the right side and Right brian also on the right side. This may confuse you, whatever he brings to the table looks weird at the beginning, but always end up most suitable and optimal solution. Shy, but not when he explains things. At labs, he does every heavy lifting with ease.

Dr. Pratap

Research Contributor

Only PhD in the Lab so far. Cricket enthusiastic, has been working on videos, segment analysis, emotion detection tools, video scene analytics and numorous things since almost 15 years. You always see him playing cricket or thinking about it. And in his free time he does what he is best at, research.


Dreams Contributor

A day dreamer at present, an artist and engineer in his past life. At Labs, most of the time, he writes, draws pictures everywhere.



A well known media executive in Europe, lead and build billion dollar media houses in the past. Been there, done that, still wants to build something from scratch.
At labs, he coaches the team with his experience, connects the dots in the industry.


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